Another 3’fer POTA Activation

I’ve been trying to get to a local park every Wednesday since my wife & daughter play in a ladies golf league after work on Wednesdays. I have a daily 4p call, but as soon as it’s done, it hit the road. The park, Lone Elm, is a city park, but the Santa Fe, California & Oregon National Historic Trails all pass through it.

I’m a huge fan of operating QRP (5 watts or less) CW (Morse Code). Lately I’ve been trying to make use of my LNR Precision MTR-4B radio. It’s 5 watts and CW only. It’s a great little radio, and my entire kit fits nicely in a lumbar (fanny) pack.

Set up and tear down are quick and I usually can get an hour of on air time. Just enough to activate and have a little fun.

I hope to get you in the log, if I haven’t already, some day!