New Antenna

I received an antenna analyzer for Christmas and am putting it to work. I’m making a lightweight 20-30-40m linked dipole for portable operation (namely POTA).

A 20′ fiberglass kite pole is my mast. For the antenna I mounted a BNC chassis to a pot scraper. I drilled holes for the mount, strain relief and to slide it down onto my mast. I know it’s lossy, but I’m using RG316 for the feed line because the purpose of this exercise is to keep weight to a minimum so that my mast does not bend/sag, and it works! Next test will be to try it on my Sotabeams’s carbon six.

I’m using 2.5mm banana plugs for the links. I will hot glue the BNC chassis when I’m done tuning and everything is working.

I’ve learned my soldering skills are lacking! Field testing later this week!